“Ms. Burk’s ability to work with students of all ages and levels of functioning was the panacea which allowed our son to persevere through his last year of college. Her support and encouragement, with just the right amount of accountability, was crucial to his success.”

– Paul G.

“Terese Burk recently did an Executive Function presentation at our Middle School to all three grade levels. It was very obvious that she not only knows the material but is also very good at engaging students in the topic! We would definitely have her back. I would highly recommend her.”

– Dominica Davis, LCSW, CADC

“Having struggled for years with ADD, my study habits and time management needed some serious work. I realized quickly that my first semester in college would require a bit of help! Mrs. Burk took the time needed to show me time management skills, organization, tips to efficient studying, and tackling a busy week. I am so thankful to have been able to gain this new insight and am so excited to start my second semester off strong with and apply all that I learned. This has made such a positive difference!”

– Rachel P. College Sophomore

“I have always struggled with procrastination and was starting my first semester of medical school. I was having trouble figuring out a new curriculum with a flipped classroom and found myself constantly procrastinating. Mrs. Burk helped me formulate strategies to face the new type of curriculum and curb procrastinating practices. She has always been there to help and makes sure she is available for me when I needed to make new strategies. I am so thankful to have worked with Mrs. Burk and would absolutely recommend her to anyone struggling to get through school successfully.”

– Mira M. First Year Medical Student

“Going into my freshman year of college, I knew I would need to adopt some new strategies to better manage my time. As a result, I reached out to Ms. Burk for some advice. She was able to provide practical, concrete methods to keep myself on task and remain organized. The experience was very enjoyable. Ms. Burk is very warm hearted and knowledgeable about the learning process. She takes her clients very seriously. I would recommend her service to anyone looking to improve their academic potential.”

– Joey V. College Freshman